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im sick my nose is stuffed and also runny my voice sounds like a forty year old smoker and is in hell condition and im tired w h y

do u ever accidentally go thru someones blog on mobile and forget ur not on ur dash and ur like fuck


 i call this one “tiny trans boys who are too goth for insoles”


idk i just see people talking even in the #ktrans tag like ‘imagine if [idol] knew what being genderqueer was!’ and shit like that, and other shit that implies that koreans don’t have a rich, nuanced, and relevant sense of queer issues and i’m like…. but…… why do you think they…


i know b1a4gasms is a fan of trans boy Kyungsoo but,

lady Kris and her tiny boyfriend kyungsoo


princess ilsoon and prince minhyuk for my thriller au


princess ilsoon, slayer of the night terrors

pen doodle that got out of hand.

part of my Thriller au


title: stilettos (pumps)
words: 1,012
pairings: none
warnings: transmisogyny, slurs
summary: She steps to the mic despite the whispers and the slurs and smirk plastered onto her perfectly red lips, the mic in her hands as the beat seems to swim into her ears. She’s better…


princess ilsoon is Not Interested in being rescued


because lets be honest here, the only reason i got into BtoB was for cold city girl Jung Ilsoon… and she might have become my favourite trans girl hc, too.


Chanyeol thinks this boobs thing is still kinda hard, but she’s gonna get the hang of it soon

i present you all trans girl chanyeol aka my new favourite thing, @spapce is all to blame


I am me, and it doesn’t matter what I wear or how people think of me. Being a girl or a boy, it doesn’t change anything - I don’t see why I can’t get to be both. Or neither, for the matter.

have I told y’all babies about the intersex genderqueer Taemin scenario e.e (more to come)


ootd goodbye

i know you didnt ask for this but lol i immersed myself in the fantasy that mark is ace gay and his family is like that embarrassingly extra supportive family that insists on going out to pride and make positive jokes abt their boy seducing all the men and its so awkward. they love his pan bf jackson and invite him into every family meeting hes p much part of the family and has so much fun with them, exchanging tmi moments abt mark w/ his family while mark sits there sO shy and embarrassed -



- and allof them are so cute mark’s parents want jackson to legit marry mark theyre joke theyre gonna move back to brazil (marks brother was born here) so they can marry. and backward some years when they first meet lil bambam its so obvious hes a lil queerling as well and jackson doesnt even ask abt it and just assumes hes gay, dropping it casually like “haha youll understand when you have a bf” “.. why do you think id , id be.. have..” “aw sorry dude i totally thought you were gay my bad” -

- “uhh actually i.., i am„.” “lol i knew it i like boys too” and markson become bambam’s queer guros that guide him through the ways of the queerness and its lovely. bambam even has that slight crush on jackson and is jealous of mark but just bc he wants to have a cute relationship like that w/ supportive families like that someday too. i have so many queer foreign line got7 feels im not sorry

oh my god thats so fucking cute im not even into got7 like at ALL but that is SO CUTE im gonna cry oh my god got711 needs to see this